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Online weight loss calculator date: Use this weight loss calculator and find out how long it will take to reach your goal.

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How many calories a day to lose weight?

Ye must create a calorie deficit to lose weight. please see Calorie Calculator page

How soon will I see weight loss results?

There are many different factors that influence how quickly you will see results of your diet. Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to have an exact notion of how quickly your weight loss will manifest. Here are some of the reasons why results may vary.

Starting weight

Type of diet

Carbohydrate intake

When should I weigh myself?

You should weigh yourself in the morning when you wake up and on an empty stomach, so that you can compare your progress in an optimal way.

How long will it take to lose weight if I eat 1200 calories a day?

On average, an active woman needs 2,000 calories per day. By consuming only 1,200 calories, the body is forced to draw heavily on its reserves to compensate, resulting in weight loss. Generally, this low-calorie diet allows you to lose between 1.5 and 2 kilos per week when it is well respected. It usually lasts 3 weeks: it is not recommended to continue it longer (unless medical advice to the contrary) so as not to tire the body too much. A "classic" 3 week 1200 calorie diet can be divided into 3 phases, one phase per week. Each of them requires consuming 1200 calories per day. The first phase is the strictest in terms of "prohibited foods", but new foods are reintroduced during the other two phases.

Pros and cons of the 1200 calorie per day diet

This diet allows you to lose several pounds quickly. In addition, as long as you take care to diversify your menus, it does not present a great risk of nutritional deficiencies, because it does not exclude any family of foods. This diet also teaches you to eat healthier: it gives you good eating habits that limit the risk of gaining weight when you stop the diet. At least, if you do not completely "crack" along the way, because there is one of the big drawbacks of the 1200 calorie diet: it is not easy to follow ...

The low calorie intake can indeed lead to fatigue, lower morale and demotivation. However, who says "cracking" also often says "yo-yo effect" on the scaleā€¦ Another drawback: this regime must really be followed scrupulously to function correctly. But it is not always easy to know the number of calories of each dish ... One solution is to follow menus pre-established by a nutritionist, but there are also applications that calculate the number of calories in your meals ... Last point to note: this diet is contraindicated during pregnancy.

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How to measure the results of weight loss?

In most cases, it is likely that you will see changes on the scale first, especially if you have an electronic scale. A digital scale can detect small changes in your total body weight (since it displays the decimal places) that may be too small to be noticed in a single isolated part of your body.

Then it is likely that you will see changes in your clothing. Your size as it is won't change right away, but you will notice that your clothes will start to fit more comfortably and get a little more airy.

You will likely notice this change sooner if you usually wear tighter clothes. Eventually, if you stick to your weight loss program, your entire body weight loss will show itself as a reduction in your clothing size.

Finally, you will see changes in every part of the body. Of course, these changes will occur throughout the weight loss process. But you may not notice, for example, thinner thighs until you have lost several pounds.