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Online Ideal Body Weight Calculator based on age, gender, and height.

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To have a real estimate of your ideal weight, nothing can replace a consultation with a doctor or dietician who will offer a personalized analysis. These clues do not replace a medical opinion or your personal appreciation since the main thing is above all to feel fit and good about yourself!.

What is my ideal weight for my age?

The ideal weight is a relatively vague concept because it has no precise definition. From a purely medical point of view, the ideal weight of an individual is that for which the risks induced by his weight (hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, ...) are minimal. This ideal weight does not correspond to a precise weight, but rather to a weight range around an average weight that we will qualify as "theoretical ideal weight". This "theoretical ideal weight" varies from one individual to another depending on his size, sex, age, morphology, muscularity and many other factors.

It is possible to determine a "theoretical ideal weight" for a given population, through statistical studies carried out on a representative sample of this population. This "theoretical ideal weight" then corresponds to the average weight of this population, so it does not really have any value for a different population (for example, the theoretical ideal weight of an Asian-type population is not the same as that of an Anglo-Saxon population).

How do you calculate ideal body weight?

Ideal body weight is computed in men as 50 + (0.91 × [height in centimeters − 152.4]) and in women as 45.5 + (0.91 × [height in centimeters − 152.4]). A simple alternative would be to compute ideal body weight as the weight corresponding to an ideal body mass index of 22 kg/m2.

Ideal Height Weight Chart

(in feet and inches)
(in pounds)
(in pounds)
5'0" 108 115
5'1" 112 119
5'2" 116 123
5'3" 119 127
5'4" 123 131
5'5" 127 136
5'6" 131 140
5'7" 134 144
5'8" 138 148
5'9" 142 152
5'10" 146 157
5'11" 149 160
6'0" 153 165
6'1" 157 170
6'2" 160 174
6'3" 164 177
6'4" 168 181
6'5" 172 186
6'6" 175 190