LDL Cholesterol Goal Level Calculator

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Total Points: = % risk of heart disease in 10 years.

Average 10-year risk: = % (for others in your age group).

LDL Cholesterol Goal: = mg/dl

LDL Cholesterol Goal Level Calculator: This risk assessment tool uses data from the Framingham Heart Study to estimate the 10-year risk of having a heart attack (myocardial infarction) or death resulting from coronary heart disease (CHD) in adults age 20 or older who do not already have heart disease or diabetes.

The results you receive from this tool are for informational purposes only and should not be the basis of your medical decision making. Consult your physician to determine the medical implications of any tests you take.

Table of contents:

What is LDL cholesterol?

LDL cholesterol, sometimes written as LDL-cholesterol, is a low-density lipoprotein that helps transport cholesterol throughout the body. Although it has come under heavy criticism in recent years, cholesterol is an essential nutrient for the proper functioning of the human body. This lipid participates in the structure of cell membranes, in the synthesis of numerous molecules and in the production of bile salts necessary for the digestion of lipids. By participating in the distribution of cholesterol in different tissues, LDL cholesterol plays an important role in the body.

Why is it called bad cholesterol?

While LDL cholesterol is one of the body's carriers of cholesterol, there are others including HDL cholesterol. The latter is able to capture excess cholesterol in the body and then transport it to the liver for elimination. The transport function of HDL cholesterol is all the more important as excess cholesterol in the blood constitutes a cardiovascular risk factor. It is for this reason that HDL cholesterol is referred to as "good cholesterol" while LDL cholesterol is referred to as "bad cholesterol".

What are the normal values for harmful cholesterol?

LDL cholesterol levels are generally considered normal between 0.9 and 1.6 g / L in adults.