Glycemic Index Calculator

Glycemic Index for Selected Food:
  • -Low GI Food has a rating of 55 or less.
  • -Medium GI Food has a rating of 56-69.
  • -High GI Food has a rating of 70 or more.

Online Glycemic Index Calculator: This glycemic index calculator is a method of ranking foods, from 0 to 100, which is a scale of how a food affects blood glucose levels.

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The glycemic index compares portions of foods that have the same carbohydrate weight based on their ability to raise blood sugar (blood glucose). It indicates how fast the glucose of a food is in the blood.

All carbohydrates, whether simple or complex, cause a sharp rise in the blood sugar level. This peak blood sugar occurs 30 minutes after ingestion and is larger or smaller. It determines the glycemic index of the food.

Foods are then classified into three categories, on a scale of 0 to 100 (Classification used by the Canadian Diabetes Association):

  • Low GI: 55 and under
  • Average GI: between 56 and 69
  • High GI: 70 and over

For a number of reasons, Diabete Quebec does not promote the use of GI.

glycemic charge (gc)

Because the story does not stop there ... Indeed, the mastery of the glycemic index already represents a certain evolution. Purists will however like to qualify the relevance of the glycemic index by highlighting the need to weight this value to the amount of carbohydrates present in a portion of the food studied. The calculation of the glycemic index is in fact based on the evolution of blood glucose following the consumption of 50g of carbohydrates present in the studied food. However, depending on the carbohydrate concentration of the food, it may be necessary to consume very variable amounts to reach this value. Thus, the concept of glycemic load (CG) was introduced in 1997 by Professor Walter Willett of Harvard University: it allows to correlate the glycemic index of a food to the amount of carbohydrates consumed in a ration of studied food, according to the following calculation:

GC = (GI x amount of carbohydrate in a portion of food (g)) / 100

And to define a new value scale:

  • No: no glycemic charge
  • Low: glycemic charge of 10 or less
  • Moderate: glycemic charge from 11 to 19
  • Strong: Glycemic charge of 20 and more