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Calculate a change (rate of change) as a percentage: This tool allows you to calculate the percentage change (rate of change) between two values such as the increase in rent or price. This percentage change is often also called the change rate which is the same thing.

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Calculation of the rate of change in percentage

Note that a variation between two numbers will correspond either to a discount or to an increase depending on the initial value. The formula for calculating the rate of change is as follows: Rate of change (%) = 100 x (End value - Initial value) / Initial value. Now let's talk about business and turnover. If your company has sales of 12,000$ and it has grown to 15,000$ in one year, then it has increased by: 100 * (15,000-12,000) / 12,000 = 25%.

Calculate the increase in a price

A current price of an item is $ 70 and the price of the previous year is $ 50. What is the percentage increase? (70 - 50) / 50 × 100 = 40 The 50 to 70 percent change represents a 40 percent increase from 50.

Calculate the percentage of a discount

A seller gives you a $ 20 discount on a $ 200 appliance. What is the reduction granted in percentage? You will pay $ 180 instead of the requested $ 200. The tool gives us: (180 - 200) / 200 × 100 = −10. The change from 200 to 180, in percent, represents a decrease of −10% from 200.