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Estimates your weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and yearly income. Very useful when job hunting when offered an income per hour, month, or year. The tax bracket numbers are adjustable with each year's income tax levels.

Table of contents:

Monthly and daily salary

You may receive a monthly or daily salary. Daily wages are calculated using either the gross rate (for paid public holidays, paid leave, salary in lieu and salary deductions) or the basic rate (for work on rest days or public holidays).

Monthly wages

For calculating salary, a “month” or “complete month” refers to any one of the months in the calendar year.

What is Gross Annual Income?

Annual income is the total value of income earned during a fiscal year. Gross annual income refers to all earnings before any deductions are made, and net annual income refers to the amount that remains after all deductions are made. The concept applies to both individuals and businesses in preparing annual tax returns.

How to Calculate Annual Salary

Determine if you are a wage earner

Find out your hourly salary

Multiply to calculate your annual salary if you work a fixed number of hours per week

Average your weekly number of hours if you work a different amount each week

Add in overtime payments if applicable

Adjust for sick time, vacation or a leave of absence

Calculating Annual Pay for Salaried Employees

Determine if you are a salaried employee

Read your pay stub

Verify your payroll schedule

Determine overtime pay

Calculate your annual salary. Find your total gross earnings, before deductions, on your pay stub. Multiply this amount by the number of paychecks you receive each year to calculate your total annual salary.

Add in bonuses if applicable