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Length Converter: Convert units from one to another. Simply choose the unit you want to use, type the value in the field next to it, and click the 'Convert' button.

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Units of measure for length

The basic unit of measure for length in the International System (SI) is the meter (m).

Kilometers or miles are used to measure distances traveled by car.

The meter (m) is used to measure buildings.

We use the centimeter or inches to measure objects such as a pencil or a desk.

The millimeter (mm) is used to measure very small objects.

How to convert length measurements?

Converting a unit of measurement involves expressing a quantity in a lower or higher unit of measurement.

You can use the jumps method or the table of measurement units to convert one measurement to another.

The jumps method:

You can use the jumps or the table of units of measurement method to convert one measurement to another.

multiply the unit by 10 when converting it to a smaller unit; divide the unit by 10 when converting it to a larger unit.

We must multiply or divide by 10 as many times as we move position.

The method with the table of units:

place the unit of number at the position of the given unit of measurement and the other numbers are placed to the left of it; put a 0 in each column up to the column of the desired unit of measure.

How to place a floating point number in a conversion table?

The decimal point for decimals is placed in the same column as the units digit of the number, but to the right of that digit. To avoid errors, always place the units digit and the decimal point of the decimal number to convert in the table first.