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Roman numerals

Roman numeration is an additive numbering system used by ancient Romans. Roman numerals are represented using symbols combined with each other, in particular by the signs I, V, X, L, C, D and M, respectively representing the numbers 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 and 1 000. These "abbreviations intended to notify and remember the numbers" did not allow their users to make calculations, which were carried out by means of abacuses. A number written in Roman numerals is read from left to right. As a first approximation, its value is determined by adding the individual values of each symbol, except when one of the symbols precedes a higher value symbol; in this case, we subtract the value of the first symbol from the second.

How do you translate Roman numerals?

To convert a Roman numeral and find its value, it is necessary to know that a symbol which follows a symbol of a greater or equal value is added to the value of this one (eg "VI" is worth 5 + 1 = 6) , while if it precedes a symbol of higher value it subtracts from the value of the latter (thus "IV" is worth 5-1 = 4). As each letter can only be repeated three or four times in a row (depending on the method used), this limits the enumeration possibilities to respectively 3999 or 4999. Beyond that, by putting a horizontal bar above the letters, we multiply their number. value per 1000 (so-called vinculum system).

What are the Roman numerals from 1 to 1000?


Examples of Roman numbering

1980 in Roman numeralsMCMLXXX1981 in Roman numeralsMCMLXXXI
1982 in Roman numeralsMCMLXXXII1983 in Roman numeralsMCMLXXXIII
1984 in Roman numeralsMCMLXXXIV1985 in Roman numeralsMCMLXXXV
1986 in Roman numeralsMCMLXXXVI1987 in Roman numeralsMCMLXXXVII
1988 in Roman numeralsMCMLXXXVIII1989 in Roman numeralsMCMLXXXIX
1990 in Roman numeralsMCMXC1991 in Roman numeralsMCMXCI
1992 in Roman numeralsMCMXCII1993 in Roman numeralsMCMXCIII
1994 in Roman numeralsMCMXCIV1995 in Roman numeralsMCMXCV
1996 in Roman numeralsMCMXCVI1997 in Roman numeralsMCMXCVII
1998 in Roman numeralsMCMXCVIII1999 in Roman numeralsMCMXCIX
2000 in Roman numeralsMM2001 in Roman numeralsMMI
2002 in Roman numeralsMMII2003 in Roman numeralsMMIII
2004 in Roman numeralsMMIV2005 in Roman numeralsMMV
2006 in Roman numeralsMMVI2007 in Roman numeralsMMVII
2008 in Roman numeralsMMVIII2009 in Roman numeralsMMIX
2010 in Roman numeralsMMX2011 in Roman numeralsMMXI
2012 in Roman numeralsMMXII2013 in Roman numeralsMMXIII
2014 in Roman numeralsMMXIV2015 in Roman numeralsMMXV
2016 in Roman numeralsMMXVI2017 in Roman numeralsMMXVII
2018 in Roman numeralsMMXVIII2019 in Roman numeralsMMXIX
2020 in Roman numeralsMMXX2021 in Roman numeralsMMXXI
2022 in Roman numeralsMMXXII2023 in Roman numeralsMMXXIII
2024 in Roman numeralsMMXXIV2025 in Roman numeralsMMXXV
2026 in Roman numeralsMMXXVI2027 in Roman numeralsMMXXVII
2028 in Roman numeralsMMXXVIII2029 in Roman numeralsMMXXIX
2030 in Roman numeralsMMXXX2031 in Roman numeralsMMXXXI
2032 in Roman numeralsMMXXXII2033 in Roman numeralsMMXXXIII