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GPS coordinates converter: Tool to convert your GPS coordinates degrees minutes seconds, decimal degrees and decimal degrees and minutes.

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How to convert GPS coordinates to degree minutes and seconds?

Two units of measurement to determine GPS coordinates:

• Decimal degrees which are calculated up to centimeters.

• The sexagesimal degrees which are calculated down to seconds.

Your goal, so as not to confuse, is to manipulate the same unit in your scouting. If you mix decimal data with sexagesimal GPS data, you get lost.

Example: The tourist office of the city of Crozon in decimal value:

Latitude in decimal degrees: 48 ° 247876 N.

Longitude in decimal degrees: -4 ° 492716 W.

The tourist office in sexagesimal value:

Latitude in sexagesimal degrees: 48 ° 14'52.353 ".

Longitude in sexagesimal degrees: -4 ° 29'33.777 ".

How to find a position with latitude and longitude?

Open Google Maps on your computer.

Right-click on the place or area that interests you on the map.

Select the latitude and longitude. The coordinates will be automatically copied.

How to read the coordinates on a map?

To interpolate plane coordinates, it is necessary that the map includes a kilometric grid, corresponding to the proportion of the map, or at least the primers allowing it to be traced. Be careful, in most cases, this grid is not parallel to the edges of the card because the cutting of topographic maps of IGN is a division geographical. The plane coordinates E and N are taken with respect to the southwest angle of the square that contains the point to be defined. We first state the coordinates of the axes passing through the southwest angle of this square to which we add the back-up converted to meters.