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Fuel Cost Calculator: This Fuel Cost Calculator calculates how many miles you are getting per gallon - per day and per year. It also calculates the amount spent per year and how much CO2 your car is producing.

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How to estimate the cost of fuel?

The number one source of expense for a car trip is fuel. And logically, the more you drive, the more you consume.

To estimate the cost of your car trip and more particularly the expenses to be expected for fuel, you must:

evaluate the length of this journey, not in time, but in number of miles.

define the average consumption of your vehicle per mile.

know the price of fuel per Gallon. Data that changes according to your engine (diesel or gasoline) but also according to the fuel you use: unleaded 95-E10, know the price of fuel per Gallon. Data that changes according to your engine (diesel or gasoline) but also according to the fuel you use: unleaded 95-E10, unleaded 95, unleaded 98, superethanol E85 ... 95, unleaded 98, superethanol E85 ...

Once all this information has been collected, the calculation to be performed to calculate the cost of your trip is as follows:

number of miles x vehicle consumption per milex fuel price per Gallon

How to estimate the cost of fuel? other criteria to take into account

The more loaded and heavier a vehicle, the more its consumption increases. Loading your vehicle, the presence of a roof box, a trailer or a caravan can thus inflate the bill by a few dollars on a long journey. Repeated traffic jams, the use of air conditioning or tires with too low pressure are also factors that affect fuel consumption, and the bill on arrival.

Example on fuel prices in Europe and around the world

South Africa 0.778 € 0.667 € 0.622 €
Germany 1.250 € 1.090 € 0.560 €
Belgium 1.421 € 1.369 € 0.429 €
Chile 0.879 € 0.612 € 0.517 €
South Korea 1.152 € 1.033 € 0.613 €
Spain 1.145 € 1.068 € 0.695 €
France 1.358 € 1.348 € 0.870 €
Ireland 1.218 € 1.139 € 0.780 €
Italy 1.456 € 1.339 € 0.552 €
Kuwait 0.180 € 0.152 € 0.111 €
Russia 0.496 € 0.535 € 0.256 €
Turkey 0.666 € 0.615 € 0.369 €

Fuel price How is the price set at the fuel station?

1. The price of a barrel of crude

2. The refining margin

3. The distribution margin

4. Internal tax on petroleum products

5. The value added tax

What is car LPG?

An LPG vehicle is dual-fuel. ... Compared to a gasoline car, the LPG car emits 18% less Nox. LPG is made up of 50% butane and 50% propane. It consumes about 20% more fuel than a gasoline vehicle, on the other hand it is sold at half the price than gasoline.

Why is LPG not growing?

The ecological positions of public opinion have become radicalized because, if LPG emits much less particles and fines and CO2 than a heat engine, it still emits more than an electric car.

Can an LPG car explode?

LPG contains Propane and Methane, two very flammable gases. For automotive use, this gas is compressed to a liquid state, which makes it very dangerous in high heat. Unfortunately, a car's LPG tank can explode if the pressure changes or with strong heat.