The 7 best exercises to lose fat and weight

Are you looking for weight loss exercises? As part of a slimming program, certain movements should be favored. Discover our selection of the most effective exercises for weight loss.

The 7 best exercises to lose fat and weight

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The Kettlebell mobilizes many muscle groups, this exercise is useful for spending calories while strengthening the muscles of the posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes, erector spine).

Ideally, this exercise should be done with a kettlebell, however if you are not equipped you can perform this move with a water bottle, weight ball or dumbbell.

Instructions: Spread your feet and bend your legs to tilt the pelvis back. Pass the kettlebell between your legs and then in front of you at shoulder height. It's hip extension that allows you to initiate movement.

2. The bike

If any bike trip can do you good, it is best to do it in the mountains. By pedaling for an hour, you will burn 1,500 calories. experts point out that you don't have to go live in a mountain valley or ride at a high speed to reap the benefits of this exercise. Cycling helps strengthen leg muscles, improve breathing, and strengthen the heart.

3. Jumping Jack

This fitness movement is one of the basic movements in fitness classes. It is often used by teachers in group lessons to increase energy expenditure. This skipped exercise helps melt away fat and tone the figure.


The jump rope is an ideal exercise for losing weight! It is therefore a fitness accessory to get when you want to slim down at home. On two feet, on one foot, backwards, at moderate or high intensity… anything is possible

5. The movement of the spider

This exercise will make you move, sweat ... and lose pounds for sure!

First, get into a push-up position, legs and back should be straight. Bring one knee close to the elbow, without placing the foot on the ground. The foot should be placed about 10 centimeters from the ground. Return the leg to the initial position, the feet should be side by side. Do the same movement with the other leg.

Repeat the movement 10 times per leg.

6. Swimming

Swimming is a sport that burns a lot of calories, the effort being increased because of the resistance of the water. This sport is also very complete because it works almost all the muscles of the body. By building muscle mass.

In the water, movements are smooth. The joints are indeed protected because they are not subjected to the body weight. This is why swimming is recommended for pregnant women whose joints must support the additional weight caused by pregnancy.

All of its advantages make swimming an ideal sport for losing weight while being beneficial for health.

7. Running

Among the best sports for losing weight, running is an excellent activity, both for losing fat, also for maintaining good health and morale.

Even if it is especially the legs that are the most used, running makes work all the muscles of the body. Contrary to popular belief, running is not necessarily bad for the back. Recent studies have shown that running can even strengthen the intervertebral discs. However, this sport is not recommended for people with joint problems.