10 tips for a flat stomach in less than two days

Do you have stomach aches after eating? Do you feel your stomach swollen? Do you feel gas in your stomach? Who hasn't suffered from bloating one day?, bloated stomach syndrome can affect you. Unsightly and even sometimes painful, this phenomenon is not inevitable, quite the contrary! There are simple solutions and habits to adopt to regain comfort in the abdomen.

10 tips for a flat stomach in less than two days

Table of contents:

1. Foods to eat for a flat stomach

There are no specific "anti-bloating" diets. But, beyond being beneficial for your health, certain foods should be favored in your diet, because they have a positive effect on the intestinal flora (or intestinal microbiota):

Whole grains, almonds, nuts, fruits, soybeans, lentils, beans, carrots, green beans, asparagus, beets, leeks, salads, artichokes, avocados, spinach, peach, grapes, bananas, pears, prunes, lactose-free dairy products such as cooked cheese, as well as yoghurts...

2. Why am I bloated? Eat slowly to get rid of a swollen stomach

You will understand that diet is decisive in the prospect of having a flat stomach. If the choice of foods is important, so is the way to eat them. For good digestion and to avoid a swollen stomach, two factors must be taken into account: chewing and breathing. To put it simply, eating fast, standing up, in noise, walking or watching TV is a bad habit that should be broken quickly. A meal that is eaten slowly, calmly, and in full awareness will be easier and faster to digest. As a result, food will stay in your stomach for a shorter time and your body will take better advantage of the nutrients.

3. Why am I bloated? The stress

Stress can be the source of a bloated stomach. To remedy this, give yourself breaks. Meditation, sport, spa treatments… Anything that is a source of relaxation is beneficial. Controlling your breathing is also essential to optimize your intestinal transit and prevent the stomach from swelling. You should be aware of your breath by pulling in your stomach well on the exhale and not by taking it out. By breathing properly, you muscle your stomach without even knowing it.

4. For a flat stomach, STOP Alcohol and soda

Alcohol and sodas are not recommended if you want to deflate your stomach! If you are invited somewhere, prefer fruit juices or syrups (violet, grenadine, mint, red fruits ...)

5. For a flat stomach, Drink a lot of water

during a draconian diet, the body clings to fat. When dehydrated, it retains fluids. All that water that collects in the stomach causes uncomfortable bloating. To deflate, drink water (about 1.5 liters per day) or herbal teas made with star anise, fennel, cumin or licorice. The extra trick? Every morning, swallow a large glass of lukewarm water in which you add a pure lemon juice.

6. For a flat stomach, Exercise your abs

To eliminate stomach fat, you must also do a little sport regularly. To target this area, you need to do abdominal and core workouts. Methods that have proven their effectiveness. As long as you are regular and eat a balanced diet.

7. Essential oils to find a flat stomach

Some essential oils work miracles on our intestinal pain! According to specialists, tropical basil, tarragon or peppermint have a recognized power against bloating and aerophagia. To be diluted in a neutral oil such as olive or jojobas and to apply in circular massage on the stomach.

8. No chewing-gum for flat stomach

When you chew gum, large amounts of air enter your body ... causing your stomach to swell!

9. Adopt the right cooking methods

Frying, barbecuing and cooking at high temperature produce toxic compounds that are not easily digestible. steaming, seasoning after cooking with spices and herbs, stewing in a wok or in the oven at low temperature. And we add raw vegetable oils.

10. Pay attention to the intestinal flora

Yes to probiotics. These friendly bacteria that inhabit our intestinal flora and improve digestion want us well! Numerous research has shown that they not only help restore a flat stomach, but also positively affect the absorption of certain nutrients, especially fat.