10 tips for sleeping well

How to sleep well? you need to know some tips to get rid of certain bad habits, improve your sleeping environment and avoid stress or anxiety factors. Here are our tips for improving the quality of your sleep!

10 tips for sleeping well

Table of contents:

1. Avoid caffeine and nicotine

To sleep well, it is better to limit the consumption of nicotine, which is a stimulant, especially near bedtime. The same goes with caffeine. This is especially important in the evening, as caffeine stays in the body for an average of three to five hours. But some people feel the effects for up to 12 hours.

2. Physical exercise

Physical exercise, as long as it is done regularly, makes it easier to fall asleep and makes sleep deeper. On the other hand, strenuous and unusual exercise can make it difficult to fall asleep well. Exercising two to three hours before bedtime should also be avoided, as this can interfere with sleep.

3. Read a book

You can try to distract yourself by focusing on a story. Screens may disrupt your sleep even more, but a book, especially if the subject isn't too stimulating, can help. If you still can't sleep after 20 to 30 minutes, get out of bed and read in another room until you feel ready to sleep

4. Listen

If you live in a city and the traffic noise bothers you, you can invest in a white noise device. The soothing sounds will help you create an environment more conducive to sleep and trigger pleasant and relaxing memories.

5. Taking a hot bath is a bad idea to sleep well

Your body lowers its internal temperature to program itself to sleep, it is a luke warm bath (37 ° maximum), which will soothe you.

6. Don't count your sleep

Emphasize the quality of sleep over quantity. Do not convince yourself that lack of sleep will create irremediable fatigue, never force your sleep by forcing yourself to go to sleep on your schedule the next day. Long naps can upset the balance of sleep.

7. If you wake up at night or can't sleep

Get out of bed, do an activity, and when the urge to sleep reappears, quickly join Morpheus's arms.

8. Before going to bed relax

It is advisable to read before going to bed to institute some form of ritual. On the other hand, sustained intellectual activity, such as reading a complex book, taking notes, etc. stimulates brain activity and interferes with sleep.

9. Sugars and proteins

If what you eat influences your sleep, you might as well adapt your diet according to the desired effects. And we know pretty well now that sugars promote sleep while proteins stimulate wakefulness.

10. Create an environment conducive to sleep

The environment in which you sleep affects your sleep. To fall asleep quickly and naturally, your bedroom must obviously be adapted. Noise, light, too high a temperature will interfere with both your falling asleep . protect yourself from light and noise by closing curtains, doors and shutters in your room. Don't hesitate to unplug electronic devices that may continue to emit light at night.