Does sweating make you lose weight?

When we play sports or just exercise, we sweat. Are we burning more calories at these times? , But does this mechanism of sweating allow you to lose weight? To find out, we decided to unlock all the secrets of sweating.

Does sweating make you lose weight?

WHAT IS Sweating?

Sweating is defined by the human body's self-regulating system to cool it down to keep its temperature constant at 37 ° Celsius. Sweating occurs during physical exertion, or exposure to high heat, following stress, or obesity. We can thus conclude that sweating is rather a mechanism.

Sweating makes you lose weight ... on the scale As sports dieticians and nutritionists explain, "Sweating makes you lose weight on the scale, but that number doesn't mean much, or only in the very short term since we hydrate and regain our weight earlier. "It is not true to say that sweating makes you lose weight, it is much more complex than that".

Sweating is 99% water, with minerals (sodium chloride, zinc, copper, iron and ammonia), and lactic and uric acid

Obviously if you weigh yourself before and after a Yoga class for example, during which you will sweat a lot, the weight on the scale will not be the same since you have lost a lot of water. But this is about water loss, not fat! So as soon as you rehydrate (essential), this difference will disappear.

In fact, sweating is a very good thing for our body, it is even essential, but it is not the sweating itself that makes us lose weight. This heat exchange which operates as a kind of natural "conditioning" system of the body. The heat is evacuated through the pores, which helps regulate the internal temperature of the body.