6 exercises that really work to strengthen your abs

If there is one area of the body that men and women dream of building, it's the abdominals. Eliminate excess fat, tone the abdominal strap, draw muscles: it's possible. With a recovery in hand of your hygiene of life, a rebalancing of food, and a program of adapted exercises, you will see the difference on your abdominals.

6 exercises that really work to strengthen your abs

Table of contents:

1. Reverse crunches

- Lie on your back, hands under your buttocks.

- Bend the knees and bring them towards the chest, the movement should be slow and controlled.

- Stretch your legs again while lowering your feet to the limit of the ground, without putting them down.

- Repeat the movement several times.

2. The scissor exercise

- Lie on your back, hands under your buttocks, and lift your head off the ground.

- Raise the left leg as high as possible, keeping the right leg slightly above the ground.

- Lower the left leg and raise the right. And so on, like a pair of scissors.

3. Plank exercise

Resting on the elbows, hands shoulder-width apart, and toes, feet apart or together, keep your body in line with your legs. The buttocks should not protrude or sag. This is where the difficulty lies. At the beginning, we hold 30 seconds then we lengthen the time.

4. Abdominal breathing

Fundamental, this way of breathing mobilizes the deep muscles and also allows you to relax. Double effect therefore. Lying on your back, legs bent or stretched out, arms at your sides, inhale deeply while inflating the belly to the maximum, then exhale, taking care to stick your lower back to the ground and empty your abdomen. Repeat, checking for several seconds. First for three seconds, then for five, then six and if you can, breathing out several times, for eight beats. An exercise that does not look bad but which is nevertheless essential for our deep abs.

5. Push-ups

Lie down with your toes or knees on the floor, hands just below your shoulders. Bend your elbows out to the side and lower your body until your chest almost touches the floor. Your arms should then form an angle of 45 °. Pause, then go up. Do three sessions of 10 reps.

6. Squat

taking care to keep your back straight. You can help yourself up against the wall or place a chair under the buttocks if the joints are very sore. If there are no specific health concerns, the lower the squat, the more difficult the butt will work. You can make the workout more intense by keeping the squat low for a few seconds and adding a few small bounces in place.