The reasons for the failure of dieting

Are you currently on a diet? You are not the only one, millions are like you. However, statistics indicate that the vast majority will either fail to lose weight or regain the lost weight sooner or later. What could be causing your diet to fail? How to be on the side of success?

The reasons for the failure of dieting

Table of contents:

Diet failure: Your diet is very strict and you end up gorging on prohibited foods

The diet you are on robs you of all your favorite foods and you feel deprived. You can keep it for a few weeks. And when you give up, you swallow a lot of forbidden foods to make up for the deficiency you suffered.

The solution: a little piece of chocolate that won't make you miss your diet. Every once in a while you allow yourself an obstacle. Just pay attention to the parts..

Diet failure: Time consuming meal preparations

Who has an hour to spend each day preparing a meal? many diet programs are complicated enough to require doing this. If this is the case with your diet, then it’s no wonder you don’t get it.

Alternatively, you want to find an approach that gives you basic, easy-to-apply instructions that help you achieve real success with your program.

This program should not require extra hours of effort each week. If so, it robs you of free time that you could use to reward yourself for good behavior. It should work in harmony with your lifestyle, not against it.

Diet failure: absence of professional advice

Many people make the mistake of following diets that friends recommend, or talked about in magazines or on the Internet, without ever seeking professional advice.

The key to the success of a weight loss diet is that a specialist considers the relevance of certain personal factors of the patient such as the number of pounds he wants to lose, any existing health problems, age, physical activity daily, etc.

In addition, in case of possible health problems, the nutritionist may request the intervention of other specialists, such as endocrinologists or psychologists.

Diet failure: absence of self-confidence

Failure is a difficulty in itself: when it happens, it can be as strong as a blow with a sledgehammer. It leads to questioning, doubts, desires to rush forward and finally, the vicious circle begins again. However, you must not let yourself be shaken by the slightest setback: your self-confidence must be your best defense.

Some diets offer too much protein

Eating only protein as recommended by some diets wears down your kidney system and makes your body too acidic. To avoid these harmful effects on your health, you are therefore advised not to eat too much protein.

However, proteins are necessary for cell regeneration or tissue recovery and that is why they should not be neglected.

On this subject, the WHO advises 0.8 to 1g of protein daily per kilogram of body. For athletes, this figure can go up to 1.5g. To know your needs, simply multiply this number by your weight.