Severe Acute Colitis Monitoring Lichtiger Score Calculator

Diarrhea, number of stools/day
Nocturnal diarrhea

Visible blood in the stool
Fecal incontinence

Abdominal pain
General well-being
abdominal pain provoked
Need for an antidiarrheal

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Severe Acute Colitis Monitoring Lichtiger Score

The Lichtiger score is proposed for the diagnosis and follow-up under medical treatment of severe acute colitis. This score, uniquely clinical and very easy to use, can be performed daily at the patient's bedside.

The day-to-day variations of the Lichtiger score are rapid and perfectly suited to monitoring a situation as acute and unstable as Acute Severe Colitis.

It is currently the reference score, used in daily practice and in therapeutic trials.

It is accepted that a Lichtiger score strictly above ten points (out of a possible maximum of 21) defines Acute Severe Colitis and that the response to medical treatment is determined by a score below ten on two consecutive days and by a drop in at least three points from the initial score