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Modified Balthazar Score

The Balthazar score is used to rate the CT severity of acute pancreatitis. A score of 0 to 3 indicates mild pancreatitis. A score of 4 to 6 indicates moderately severe pancreatitis. A score of 7 to 10 indicates severe pancreatitis.

How dangerous is pancreatitis?

Death is rare. In moderate acute pancreatitis, patients present with local or systemic complications, but there is no organ failure or only transient failure (resolving within 48 hours).

Why is a CT scan of the pancreas done?

The primary examination is a CT scan. It allows a more accurate visualization of the pancreas and also the surrounding organs. The images obtained give a means to confirm or not the tumor and, if necessary, determine its location, size, etc. If the diagnosis of cancer is confirmed, the examination also makes it possible to monitor other organs of the abdomen in order to collect useful data for staging the disease. The scanner makes it possible to find out whether surgery can be performed on the tumor or not.