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Biliary Origin of Pancreatitis Blamey (Score)

The Blamey score makes it possible to evaluate the probability that pancreatitis is of biliary origin. This score is validated in current practice, but does not dispense with additional radiological examinations.

Biliary origin of pancreatitis

The biliary origin of acute pancreatitis was first demonstrated in 1901. reported a case of acute pancreatitis with a stone embedded in the papilla. It is now commonly accepted that the most often transient impaction of the stone leads to pancreatic inflammation. Biliary origin of acute pancreatitis is suspected when ALT is >3N (PPV = 90%).

The management of cholelithiasis in acute pancreatitis consists in finding a compromise between the morbidity of endoscopic and surgical treatments and their benefits. Two problems stand out: the management of CBD lithiasis and that of the gallbladder.

Obstruction of the common bile duct (PVB) must be diagnosed quickly. What are the paraclinical examinations to be carried out? What treatments are recommended (endoscopic treatment or surgical treatment)? In what time frame?

For cholelithiasis, the indication of cholecystectomy is no longer discussed when the patient is operable, the risk of recurrence being high (30-60%). The main problem is to determine the ideal moment of the cholecystectomy. At a distance from the peri-vesicular and peripancreatic inflammatory phenomena which could aggravate the morbidity of the surgical procedure, but without waiting too long so as not to increase the risk of recurrence.

Numerous publications of randomized studies, meta-analyses and international guidelines have made it possible to change the management of acute biliary pancreatitis since the French consensus conference of 2001.