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Easy LIver Fibrosis Test (eLIFT) Score

The eLIFT (Easy Liver Fibrosis Test) score is used to determine the risk of liver fibrosis using simple tests. A score ≥ 8 indicates a high risk of liver fibrosis.

NAFLD and/or alcoholic patients are very numerous (at least 25% of the general population). In theory, the degree of hepatic fibrosis should be evaluated in all these patients. Nevertheless, the best non-invasive fibrosis tests are expensive and/or not widely available. Furthermore, the majority of NAFLD and/or alcoholic patients do not develop advanced liver fibrosis, which will lead to many “unnecessary” evaluations. The easy LIver Fibrosis Test (eLIFT), a simple, head-calculable, and inexpensive blood test (age, gender, GGT, AST, PT, platelets) was recently developed to identify at-risk patients requiring evaluation with tests more effective non-invasive fibrosis agents.