Pain Assessment Algoplus Scale Calculator


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Definition of Pain assessment algoplus scale

Behavioral assessment scale for acute pain in the elderly with verbal communication disorders.

It was specifically developed for the hetero-evaluation of acute pain in the elderly and is based on somatic observation, and not on behavioral changes.

The use of AlgopLus is particularly recommended for the screening and evaluation of:

• acute painful pathologies (for example fracture, post-operative period, ischemia, lumbago, shingles, urinary retention),

• transient painful attacks (for example facial neuralgia, a painful flare-up of cancer),

• pain caused by treatment or diagnostic medical procedures

Interpretation of the result: Pain assessment algoplus scale

The scale has five items (or domains of observation).

In practice, to complete the grid, observe in order:

facial expressions, gaze cells, complaints emitted, bodily attitudes and finally general behavior.

The presence of a single behavior in each of the items is sufficient to score “yes” on the item considered. The simple observation of behavior must imply its rating regardless of possible etiological interpretations of its pre-existence.

Each item scored “yes” is counted as one point and the sum of items results in a total score out of five.

A score greater than or equal to two makes it possible to diagnose the presence of pain.