Doloplus Pain Scale Calculator

Somatic impact
Somatic complaints
Analgesic positions at rest
Protection of painful areas
Psychomotor impact
Toileting and/or dressing
Psychosocial impact
Social life
Behavioral problems

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Definition of Doloplus Pain Scale

It is a behavioral scale for the hetero-evaluation of pain in non-communicating elderly people. (Can be used regardless of age for lack of a more specific tool).

The scale comprises 10 items divided into 3 subgroups, proportionally to the frequency encountered (5 somatic items, 2 psychomotor items, and 3 psychosocial items).

Each item is rated from 0 to 3 (rating at 4 levels). The use of this scale requires learning and rating if possible in a multidisciplinary team. In the event of an unsuitable item (eg item 7 for a bedridden patient in the fetal position), score 0. Reassessment should be daily and a scoring curve may be useful.

Interpretation of the result: Doloplus Pain Scale

A score greater than or equal to 5/30 is accepted as a sign of pain. For scores below this threshold, the benefit of the doubt should be given to the patient; if the behavior observed changes with the taking of an analgesic, the pain will therefore be incriminated. It is the repetition of the rating and its follow-up that best allows the pain to be assessed.