Geriatric Nutritional Risk Index Calculator


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Definition of Geriatric Nutritional Risk Index

The GNRI (Geriatric Nutritional Risk Index) is an index used in geriatrics. It makes it possible to predict the risk of complications and mortality linked to a state of undernutrition. This is a reliable and easily usable index in geriatrics. It takes into account the albuminemia and the ratio of the current weight to the theoretical ideal weight according to the Lorentz formula. The limits used are specific to a geriatric population.

Interpretation of the result: Geriatric Nutritional Risk Index

GNRI = [1.489 x serum albumin (g/l)] + [41.7 x current weight/theoretical ideal weight*] (* when the ratio is >1, the value 1 is retained)

GNRI < 82: major risk

GNRI between 82 and 92: moderate risk

GNRI between 92 and 98: low risk

GNRI > 98: no risk