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HbA1c to Average Blood Glucose

Glycated hemoglobin (or HbA1c) reflects blood sugar. While capillary blood glucose and fasting blood glucose are snapshots of glycemic status, HbA1c allows, through a blood test, to assess glycemic control over a longer period (about two to three months).

Associated with reading and interpreting the results of your monitoring diary, HbA1c is a marker of the risk of complications from your diabetes in the long term.

formula: Average Blood Glucose = HbA1c (in %) x 1.59 - 2.59.

HbA1c level in terms of average blood glucose levels
HbA1c value  Average blood sugar
6% 1.2g/l
7% 1.5g/l
8% 1.8g/l
9% 2.10g/l
10%  2.40g/l

A blood sugar of 7% corresponds to an average blood sugar of 1.5g/l.
1% more HbA1c represents an average increase in blood sugar of 0.30g/l.