Geriatric Oncology G8 Questionnaire Calculator

Loss of appetite
Does the patient have a loss of appetite?
Has he eaten less in the past 3 months due to lack of appetite, digestive problems, chewing or swallowing difficulties?
Recent weight loss (< 3 months)
Neuropsychiatric disorders
Body mass index
Takes more than 3 medications
Does the patient feel healthier or worse than most people their age?

Result :

Geriatric Oncology G8 Questionnaire

The G8 Questionnaire is a geriatric screening tool that allows oncologists to identify those elderly cancer patients who should benefit from an in-depth geriatric assessment.

If the score is ≤ 14, specialist geriatric advice is needed.

Geriatric assessment in oncology

Geriatric assessment in oncology responds to the need to adapt cancer treatment if necessary and to take into account the specificities of the elderly.

Aging is marked by progressive difficulties in the body's adaptation to stress, a progressive decline in the functions of various organs (heart, kidneys, sight, hearing, memory, etc.), a high prevalence of comorbidities (arterial hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, depression), leading to a progressive loss of autonomy. But this aging process is very variable depending on the individual and age is an insufficient criterion to assess the physiological state of a person. Socially, especially in rural areas, the elderly are more often isolated and have a lower socioeconomic level than the average population.


An in-depth geriatric assessment explores various areas with the aim of then offering appropriate geriatric management. Many assessment tools have been developed, based on the following parameters: functional status, comorbidities, nutritional and psychological status, geriatric syndrome, and socioeconomic status.