BITS scale (Bullying-Insomnia-Tobacco-Stress) Calculator

• Do you often have insomnia or trouble sleeping?
• Do you feel stressed by your schoolwork or by the family atmosphere?
• Have you been bullied or harassed at school, on the phone, or on the Internet?
• Do you smoke?

Result :

BITS scale (Bullying-Insomnia-Tobacco-Stress)

Goal :

The BITS is a test designed for use in routine medical clinical practice, in particular for the interview with adolescents in general medicine.

This test makes it possible to detect malaise by collecting enough simple and innocuous to quickly suspect the existence of a suicidal history or of malaise and power to address this issue directly without wasting time.

Realization :

During the interrogation or during the clinical examination, this test makes it possible to quickly carry out an exploration of malaise.

The test consists of addressing 4 themes by formulating four questions to be asked in two stages.

The questions are not asked en bloc but gradually approached during the conversation.

Duration of 1 to 2 minutes.

BITS scale (Bullying-Insomnia-Tobacco-Stress) Calculator

The BITS scale consists of asking 4 initial questions to all adolescents consulting in general medicine. Each positive response (1 point) is followed by an additional question exploring a degree of seriousness (2 points if positive). Only the maximum score is kept for each question. A total score of 3 points alerts the doctor to a risk of suicidality.