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A pyramid is a solid that has:

A base that is a polygon

Triangular side faces that have a common vertex: the top of the pyramid. The height of a pyramid is the distance from the top to the base of the pyramid.

Volume of a pyramid:

The volume of a pyramid is equal to one third of the product of the area of its base by the height.


This solid has 1 curved face and 2 flat and circular parallel faces. It is obtained by revolution in the space of a rectangle around one of its sides. Here we can imagine the revolution of the rectangle AO'OB around the axis (OO '). This gives a solid whose typical example in everyday life is the can. The two parallel faces (bases) are disks. To obtain its volume, use the following formula: Base x height, ie: pi x R x R x h (we will use pi) in volume units.


A cone of revolution of vertex S is the solid generated by the rotation of a triangle SOM, rectangle in O, around the line (SO). The base of the cone is a disk of O center. The height [SO] is perpendicular to the plane of the base.

Volume of the cone:

V = 1/3 x 2.pi.r x h


A cube is a three-dimensional object with all faces square. It is a polyhedron also called hexahedron. The cube has six square faces, twelve edges of the same length, eight vertices.

The cube is a solid and has a volume: if the length of the edge is a:

the area A of a face is a x a, that is A = a2;

the volume V is equal to a x a x a, let V = a3


Let O be a point of space. A sphere of center O and radius R is the set of all points in space that are located at a distance R from the point O.

Area of the sphere:

The area of the sphere of radius R is given by the formula:4/3 x pi x r3

Volume of the sphere:

The volume of the sphere of radius R is given by the formula:4 x pi x r2