Simplified Acute Physiology Score for ICU Patients Calculator

Heart rate
Note the worst value during the first 24 hours
Systolic Blood Pressure
PaO2/FiO2 ratio
Only for a ventilated patient or under CPAP / NIV
Blood urea

Bicarbonates HCO3-
Total bilirubin
Awareness, Glasgow score
If the patient is sedated, take the value before sedation
Chronic diseases
Type of Admission

Score :

Predicted mortality : %

Simplified Acute Physiology Score for ICU Patients Calculator

is a score used to assess the severity of a patient and is one of the scores used in intensive care and resuscitation. The parameters to be taken into account are the most serious parameters collected during the 24 hours following admission to intensive care.

Was designed for patients admitted to Intensive care units aged 18 or more.

The point score is calculated from 12 physiological variables and 3 disease-related variables during the first 24 hours, information about previous health status and some information obtained at admission.

The calculation method is optimized for paper schemas. In contrast to APACHE II, the resulting value is much better at comparing patients with different diseases.

The calculation method results in a predicted mortality, that is pure statistics. It does not tell the individual patient's chance of survival. The main purpose of this calculation is to provide a value that can be averaged for a group of patients, since it gives very unprecise values to calculate an average of the scores of a group of patients.