Sequential Organ Failure Assessment SOFA Score Calculator


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Sequential Organ Failure Assessment SOFA Score Calculator

The Sepsis-related Organ Failure Assessment score, also called Sequential Organ Failure Assessment score (SOFA score), is used in intensive care to determine and monitor the status of a patient with organ failure. The score is based on six subscores, one for each respiratory, neurological, cardiovascular, hepatic, renal and coagulation system.

The calculator above give the correspondence between the criteria and the number of points associated with them for each sub-score. If the measured parameter does not correspond to any criterion, no points are awarded. If the measured parameter corresponds to several criteria, the criterion worth the most points is chosen.

The SOFA score has been used to define sepsis since 2016. A score greater than or equal to two is associated with a 10% risk of mortality in patients for whom an infection is suspected.