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Conventional Perfusion

Some medicinal products, injectable solutions, are presented in flexible pouches, glass or plastic bottles. These packages have a site for injecting additional products and a site for connection to an infusion tubing line.

To adjust the flow rate of the infusion, we act on an adjustment wheel, which opens the flow more or less, and a drip chamber which makes it possible to control the effective flow rate delivered to the patient.

The “dosiflow” makes it possible to obtain a precise and constant infusion rate. It is less sensitive to patient movement than a conventional infusion adjustment knob.

It in no way exempts the caregiver from conventional monitoring of the infusion.

In some departments, the use of this equipment is mandatory for the infusion of certain products or for certain types of patients (children)

Perfusion rate

A typical infusion set is about 18 to 20 centimeters long. It can contain 15mL to 20mL of solution for injection.

The half-filled drip chamber contains 3mL of product. 10 centimeters of tubing corresponds to approximately 1mL of product.

The tubing is calibrated.

Solutions: 1mL = 20 drops

Blood: 1ml = 15 drops

Pediatrics, micropdrip: 1 ml = 60 drops

The practical range of infusion rates is between:

6 drops/min (50mL in 3h),

166 drops/min (1L in 2h).

Any calculated flow rate outside this area is a possible calculation error. Control reasoning and calculations!