International Prostatism Symptom Score (IPSS) Calculator

In all of the following questions, over the past month, ...
How often have you had the feeling that your bladder was not completely emptied?
How often did you need to urinate within 2 hours of voiding?
How often have you had an interruption in the stream of urine, i.e. starting urination then stopping then restarting?
After feeling the need to urinate, how often did you have difficulty holding your urination?
How often have you had a weak urinary stream?
How often did you have to strain or push to start urinating?
How many times per night, on average, did you get up to urinate between when you went to bed in the evening and when you finally got up in the morning?

IPSS Score:

Definition of International Prostatism Symptom Score (IPSS)

is a tool for screening, diagnosis and monitoring of symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). It was established in 1992 by the American Urological Association

The IPSS has been designed in a simple and rapid way in order to be self-administered by the patient. Therefore, it can be used by both specialists and general practitioners for the diagnosis of BPH. In addition, the IPSS can be performed iteratively to compare the progression of symptoms and their possible worsening over time.

In addition to diagnosing and monitoring the progression of the disease, the IPSS is a treatment support tool. However, a study carried out in 2004 in the Netherlands showed that only around 20% of general practitioners use this type of questionnaire.

Interpretation of the result: International Prostatism Symptom Score (IPSS)


The IPSS consists of 7 questions on voiding difficulties. The questions relate to the following items: incomplete bladder emptying, frequency of urination, intermittent urination (stopping and resumption of the stream), urgent urination (feeling "urgent"), weak stream, effort to urinate (forcing or pushing), nocturia .

Each question refers to the last month and each has a score from 1 to 5, for a maximum total of 35 points.

The 7 questions have answers rated from 0 to 5:

Response                         Rating

Never                             0

About 1 in 5 times         1

About 1 in 3 times         2

1 time out of 2               3

2 times out of 3             4

Almost always                5

The total of the 7 items gives the international score of prostate symptoms in terms of severity:

Severity        Score

0 - 7              Mildly symptomatic

8 - 19            Moderately symptomatic

20 - 35          Severe symptoms