Higham score calculator for menstrual blood loss

The Higham score is based on a multi-day scorecard including the menstrual period. A printout can be given to the patient by following the following link and printing the grid on a full page:
download menstruation evaluation grid

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Interpretation of Higham score for menstrual blood loss

The Higham score quantifies blood loss during menstruation. A score ≥ 100 indicates a loss of 80 ml or more, which defines menorrhagia. A score ≥ 150 may indicate a surgical indication for menometrorrhagia.

How to know if its flow is abundant?

A light flow is considered when bleeding amounts to less than 30 mL per cycle. Between 30 and 50 mL, we speak of medium flow. Between 50 and 80 mL, we speak of abundant flow. Beyond 80 mL, there will be a very abundant flow, even hemorrhagic.

Why do I have pieces on my period?

Why do I have blood clots in my period? Clots are nothing more than clotted blood that your body hasn't made more fluid. This is a phenomenon that happens very frequently and is normal, especially during periods of heavy menstruation or in the morning because the blood has stagnated throughout the night.