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Bishop Score

In the clinic, we talk about the end of pregnancy, who are undergoing a series of treatments in preparation for delivery, or who are approaching their due date and are asking to naturally induce labour.

By definition: This is a clinical result of assessing the condition of the cervix at the onset of labor or before the onset of labour. Thus, the higher the score, the higher the chances of successful labor induction.

The "status of the cervix" is essential for deciding when and how to induce labour.

Interpretation of Bishop Score

      Evaluation of spontaneously triggered labour: score > 9: favorable prognosis (labour less than 4 hours in multiparas).

      In case of artificial induction of labour:

        - score < 3: very unfavorable prognosis.

        - score between 4 and 5: intermediate prognosis.

        - score between 6 and 9: favorable prognosis.

        - score > 9: very favorable prognosis.