Adjusted Body Weight (ABW) and Ideal Body Weight (IBW) Calculator

Correction factor (ABW)

IBW (Ideal Weight): kg

EBW (Excess Weight): kg

ABW (Adjusted Weight): kg

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Adjusted Body Weight (ABW) and Ideal Body Weight (IBW)

IBW stands for ideal weight based on gender and height. This calculation is valid for an adult over 1.40m tall.

      EBW represents the excess weight, the difference between the actual weight and the ideal weight.

      ABW is the weight-adjusted according to the actual weight, the ideal weight, and a correction factor that varies according to the desired usefulness. This factor is often 0.4, a factor used for the prescription of aminisodes and a number of other drugs. This ABW weight should not be used if overweight is less than 30% of actual weight. The Use ABW flag indicates whether ABW should be used or whether the actual weight is no longer indicated.