Transfusion Decision on Haemorrhage Acceptable Blood Loss Calculator

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Transfusion Decision on Haemorrhage Acceptable Blood Loss Calculator

The notion of transfusion threshold is criticized because transfusion is a complex decision, taking into account the rate of bleeding and clinical tolerance. With the reservations that this concept imposes, the following thresholds are retained in the event of acute anemia, after correction of hypovolemia: Hemoglobins mini = 7 g/dl (Hematocrits 21%) in people with no particular history, Hemoglobins mini = 8 - 9 g/dl (Hematocrits 24% - 27%) in people with a history of cardiovascular disease, Hemoglobins mini = 10 g/dl (Hematocrits 30%) in people not clinically tolerating the lower concentrations or suffering from acute coronary insufficiency or proven heart failure.

Under normal conditions, it is assumed that Hematocrits (%) = Hemoglobins (g/dl) ÷ 0.34.

It is possible to enter a hemoglobin or hematocrit level indiscriminately, provided that the same unit is used for both data, minimum and initial.

Acceptable Blood Loss Formulas:

Gross: PSA = P x C x 2 x (H init - H min) ÷ (H init + H min).

Bourke: PSA = P x C x ln(H init ÷ H min).

Simplified: PSA = P x C x (H init - H min) ÷ (H init).

C = 70 ml/kg (adult), 75 ml/kg (child), 80 ml/kg (infant), 85 ml/kg (newborn), 95 ml/kg (premature).