Prehospital Trauma MGAP Score Calculator

Blunt trauma:
Age < 60 years:

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Prehospital Trauma MGAP Score

Range: 3-29

Score 23-29: Low risk group (mortality 2.8%)
Score 18-22: Intermediate risk group (mortality 15%)
Score < 18 points: High risk group (48% mortality)

The mechanism, Glasgow coma scale, age, and arterial pressure (MGAP): predict mortality in trauma patients

A prehospital prognostic score for trauma victims.
predict the prognosis of trauma victims.
Built-in 2010 from the multivariate analysis of a population of 1360 traumatized patients, it has been validated on an independent population of 1003 patients. It is simple and includes 4 items: the Glasgow score, the initial blood pressure, the penetrating character or not of the trauma, and the age. This prognostic score is effective with an area under the ROC curve equal to 0.91. In a 2011 literature review, it was recommended for its intrinsic qualities and construction methodology.